We recently informed you about Stephen in connection with its excellent location in Oschersleben, Germany, where he found conqueror. But there's a new season, so let's find out what's new with Stephen and what his plans are.

Last season you moved to the advanced category in the German ADAC Championship and overall you achieve a magnificent eighth place. How do you assess last season?

Štěpa: "I think I had the season right from the start well started. Unexpectedly, I drove a good result at the very first race for me not very popular track (until ☺) and it motivated me to another. Then I drove perfectly High Toll in the Championship. Over the whole season I have gained a lot of valuable experience. "

I believe that last season fell far better if it came from your injury that you had inflicted in free practice. It was a fracture in the wrist and two month break from racing. It managed to wound completely healed?

Štěpa: "Surely this injury bothered me, because after construct a good start I thought the overall podium. But as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, after five years we went on vacation without motorcycle and I and family have a good time relaxing ☺. I took a lot of strength and I had time to think, where you went wrong and what to improve. Immediately after dovču I started pretty hard with physical training under the guidance of his coach Martin Príslupského BFC Liberec. Although it was not certain whether my doctor to race in 2015 even begins.

Two days before the check we were in high toll on the already repaired bike from Martin Janousek (thanks a lot), and the times were pretty good. When checking with a doctor, I was released into the race with the fact that in six months we'll see. A race I came back in good form, which could be seen in the results of the final races. On inspection after half a year, my doctor said that I can do whatever I want ... ☺, injuries, fortunately, despite our fears healed perfectly, for which thanks to the MD. Kebrlemu. "

What are the plans for this season? ADAC will again drive or plan other races?

Štěpa: "ADAC definitely go again in the advanced category. Furthermore, we take part in races CUNA DE Campeones motorcycle MiniGP 140. These races are decided in agreement with my coach and also a great person, Michal Filla, to whom many thanks for all the support my racing. Of course it would be possible without the sponsors, who would also like to take this opportunity to thank namely: FILLA RACING ACADEMY, INAXES, dogs, NOKAMOTO, MJ MOTOSPORT, Motoforza, DAFIT, MS VIDEO PRODUCTION ROAD BIKES, ARBOLI. "

You ride the bike the same as last year? So Honda NSF 100?

Štěpa: "Yes, I will go the same, but only in the ADAC. Spain goes with a similar concept, but with a more powerful engine, from which I had a smoother transition to Moto3, so if her grow ☺. This year I was over the tank is slowly reach to the handlebars ....


How challenging is technically prepare your bike for the races? Bike is very prone to technical problems?

Well, that is a question for my super mechanic Martin Janousek, because Dad is on the bike quite a talent ... ☺. But overall the bike is very stable and free of defects. Mine already has a few years behind, so a few things evident. But I think that nothing serious just HONDA .. ☺ "

Season is slowly nearing its launch, how is your physical condition? And who helps to prepare?

Štěpa: "Sorry, but I will not reveal specifically ... ☺. I'm his coach and beyond the mandatory training that I have 3 times a week, doing what I love (floorball, bike, ski, ping pong, etc.). "

We know that motorcycle racing is very time consuming. A lot of training and traveling, how do you manage to combine racing and school?

Štěpa: "Thanks to my mother that my teachings helps a lot, I'm in the same school, and last year I was even awarded as the best student of Class 3 .. Because my school and moto fun, I manage both."

What they say teachers and classmates on your racing? Cheers for you, or is it really care?

Štěpa "Classmates supporting me and supporting teachers. He has a classroom teacher sends us a doctrine which occasionally doing well in races .. "

Which starts the race for you this season? I see you compete well in our country?

Štěpa: "The races we already begin to 27.3. in the Spanish province of Cadiz on 140tce. Will follow sometime in April of training camp in ADAC NSF100. Calendars will be clarified during the week on my FB. Regarding our country .. so you can see me 14.5. Cheb, but in racing ADAC. I think that any plant in the Czech Republic do not plan. We have found the terms ME, where we wanted to visit as well, but it remains to be seen. "

STEP, thank you for the interview and good luck in the season.