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Liberec circuit
In Liberec you first rode motorcycle race in 1946. The organizing Automotoklub Liberec chose the road that led around the city and partly dam Old Harcov. Length of about 4000 m, 27 m elevation. The road had different surfaces - tiles, concrete, asphalt, past the dam was even a dusty road. The overall winner was then Antonín Vitvar the machine Jawa 500 cc. Nearly 60,000 spectators was in the years immediately after the war, nothing special. In the years 1947 - 1953 were listed races for sports and racing cars. In 1948 the circuit was shortened by a broken paved stretch around Šaldova Square. Start racing was Hus class, went down the street to the left Monastery Jablonecká class road around the dam (today Zvolen street), the circuit returning back to the start of the class of Liberty. Track measured 3521 meters. Unchanged in races held at the circuit until 1955 with only a one-year break in 1954. The highlight for Liberecké organizer was the ninth year in 1955: motorcycle race took place in the points championship
Republic. The absolute winner was F. Happy on the machine Matschless 500 cc, 250 cc won F. Bartos, F. Helikar 350 cc, 175 cc V. Parus and sidecars Sůva R. - L. Buda. After this year to nine long years of silent road motorcycles. Restore the tradition of racing around the dam is managed ZO Svazarmu LIAZ Liberec and LIAZ Foundry Ostašov. 10th Liberec circuit took place in 1964 on the original track, which had already paved stretch around the dam. (By the way, around the dam rode a race to the natural lines in Austria Grossraming, but the disproportionately high road ..) In addition to motorcycles rode solo and sidecar race again. Winners of the race were recovered: 250 - Parus, 350 - Havel and crew Jawa 500 sidecar Štajner - gray. Next year there won: 175 - Karfík, 250 - Novotny, 350 - Parus. In 1966, he rode races in Liberec last. On the street circuit is always very difficult to observe all safety precautions. The smooth running of the event it is largely dependent on discipline themselves spectators. At the regional race was in class 350 cc to the tragic events that tradition of racing on the circuit Liberec finally ended. Prague rider Karel went Hejda race on a borrowed motorcycle Jawa 350 by Jana Novotny and the fastest section of the line for the start, in a raid in his monastery street on the second lap of the race stepped into the path of an elderly woman who wanted to shorten the route of Sunday visits to the hospital. Hejda at high speed conflict had a chance to prevent a woman that did not survive the collision. The rider after collision with another motorcycle crashed through a concrete fence and ended up off the road with severe abdominal trauma. In unconscious and in a critical condition was taken to the hospital. Despite the fact that doctors had managed to literally a miracle, Hejda is already a narrow handlebars sit down. For fast motorcycles but stayed on as a mechanic Jana Novotny, and later as author of the beautiful photos from the environment of road races. This misfortune was certainly a big influence on the gradual extinction of other dangerous urban areas with inadequate surface here in the sixties. In Liberec in 

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